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Forex Rating and Comparison Guide for Traders

In our forex reviews guide you’ll find all the knowledge about all forex brokers who also offer forex trading for investors. In our comparison you’ll also find tests on trading platform, trading offer, fees, deposit protection, regulation and more. in order that you do not just need to believe our tests, you’ll also find reviews and testimonials from traders for nearly every forex broker. So, you’ll find the simplest forex broker for your needs quickly and simply with our forex broker comparison.

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Forex broker review information

Forex broker reviewToo, more and more investors are handling foreign currency trading. Among the countless other investment opportunities, forex trading offers an honest opportunity to form profits within a brief period of your time by speculating about the longer-term development of currency pairs, which might be difficult or impossible to realize with conventional investment products. However, every trader should remember of this Be that forex trading also entails considerable risks. It’s therefore vital that each one interested traders and people who want to become one inform themselves beforehand about the currency market, currency trading and also about choosing the proper forex broker. In the following we want to take a better check out this subject and provides you some advice.

How do the exchange market and currency trading work?

Before you affect the selection of the provider and a forex broker comparison, you ought to first understand how exchange markets and forex trading work. it’s true that trading currencies seems very complicated initially glance, especially for beginners. In theory, however, the functionality of forex trading is quickly explained. A fundamental point is, for instance, that in exchange trading, one never trades one currency, but always speculates on the worth relationship between two currencies. This value relationship is consistently influenced by supply and demand, which causes fluctuations in exchange rates Speculate forex trading. In theory, forex trading may be a global exchange.

How exchange market works

The following information is vital in the context of Forex trading:

  • Speculation is usually supported currency pairs
  • Due to the leverage, traders need little equity
  • one can speculate on falling and inflation
  • Profits and losses are often very high during a short period of your time

What is a forex broker

After you’ve got informed yourself as extensively as possible about the exchange markets and trading in foreign currencies, you can’t start trading immediately, but must first choose a forex broker who can handle your exchange transactions for you. Since the forex trading is typically not offered by your house bank, you ought to perform an in depth forex broker comparison before you open an account with a provider. These special brokers are the idea for personal investors and traders to be ready to trade foreign currencies in the least.

What is a forex broker

What should be considered when reviewing forex brokers?

The selection of the forex broker to be used for trading is certainly of great importance. Because this choice can decide whether the trader is successful in trading forex or not. Therefore, some points should be considered, which in fact also flow into the forex broker comparison within the sum. Take a close look at Avatrade Canada review to see how it is rated. It’s helpful if you divide the comparison into different categories, like the following:

  • Trading platform
  • Services of the broker
  • Customer service
  • Trading conditions
  • Extras and bonus

Which Forex Broker Do I exploit for Forex Trading?

A very important point when comparing Forex brokers are in fact the services that the respective provider provides. it’s not about the essential services, because these are available with every broker, like the free provision of the trading platform. Rather, it’s about additional services that aren’t yet offered by all providers. One example is that the forex demo account, which ideally are often used without a deadline. Here you’ll test unlimited strategies or try functions of the platform without risk. However, with most providers the demo account expires after a particular time and is then not available. The previously mentioned mobile trade is additionally one among the services which may actually be considered standard nowadays. Additionally, beginners often enjoy an in depth learning and knowledge area, which for instance consists of video tutorials and webinars. Additionally, there are other services that you simply should consider when comparing a forex broker.

Customer service: friendliness, professionalism and straightforward accessibility

The customer service is additionally some extent that you simply should definitely concentrate to during a forex broker comparison. Especially once you are trading exchange for the primary time. It’s in fact important that you simply always have a competent and simply accessible contact person available. If there are problems, it’s important that you simply have a contact person you’ll address. Here you ought to confirm that the broker offers support in country language, because especially within the case of problems, you favor to talk your language falls back.

Therefore, there are four main criteria that you simply should concentrate to when it involves customer support:

  • Various contact channels are often used (email, live chat, telephone, Skype)
  • easy accessibility of employees
  • optimal: country-language-speaking customer support
  • qualified answers and efficient problem solving

Trading conditions can choose the selection of broker

In the course of a forex broker reviews, it’s certainly easiest to match the various trading conditions of the providers.

The most important conditions when comparing forex brokers

  • Minimum account deposit
  • Deposit and withdrawal methods
  • there are fees for withdrawals
  • there are fees for the platform or real-time quotes
  • maximum leverage
  • Spreads
  • where is that the broker regulated
  • which deposit insurance is obtainable?
  • Number of tradable currency pairs
  • Margin amount
  • smallest tradable unit

Maximum leverage is vital for professionals

Professional traders especially often first ask what the utmost leverage is when comparing brokers. Since the leverage determines how high possible percentage profits are often in reference to the capital employed. Many traders favor very high leverage. The simplest offers during this area are currently at 400: 1 or 500: 1.

Minimum deposit

The minimum deposit is a smaller amount interesting for professional traders and more for beginners. If you open a trading account with a forex broker for the primary time, you always don’t need to possess to deposit 1,000 euros or more. Therefore, beginners during this area prefer brokers who, for instance, don’t require any minimum deposit or where the deposit to be made is merely a minimum of 100 or 200 euros.

Smallest tradable unit

The smallest tradable unit describes the littlest position which will be traded during a certain market. Usually this is often given in lots or contracts. for instance, 1 lot means every pip that the rate of exchange of the currency pair changes means a profit / loss of 10 USD for the trader. Many brokers offer the trading of so-called microlots, i.e. 0.01 lot. A trade with 0.01 lot would be the profit / loss during this example is merely 1/100 of 1 lot, so 0.10 USD per pip. Therefore, now is a smaller amount interesting for professional traders than for beginners who want to trade smaller positions at the start so as to not risk such a lot capital.

Spread as a price factor

The spread is essentially the sole fee that’s charged when trading forex. The way crucial this criterion is depends mainly on your trading strategy. Traders who tend to carry their positions for an extended time can recover from slightly higher spreads, whereas for clients who process many trades on an equivalent day, so-called day traders, this factor can mean the difference between profit or loss. When comparing, you ought to not only concentrate to the spread. As we’ve already learned, some forex brokers charge order fees for purchasing and selling foreign currency additionally to the spread, counting on the sort of broker (market maker or ECN or STP broker). So it’s sometimes a touch time-consuming to match the individual spreads of the providers with each other.

What do I even have to seem out for when comparing Forex brokers?

Now that you simply know what to seem for when comparing Forex brokers and when choosing a provider, the question which will arise is how you’ll best approach the comparison in practice. so as to form it as easy as possible for you to match the various brokers, we’ve listed almost every provider during this area in our forex broker comparison and summarized all the important data on the respective broker for you.

Is the broker reputable?

Apart from the conditions and merchandise range, reliability is one among the foremost important factors of a forex broker. After all, you trust the broker together with your money and do not want to experience any nasty surprises. Nothing is worse than trading against a broker who is setting the incorrect prices for its customers and / or fishing for stop-loss orders.


Unfortunately, there’s no such thing because the overall best forex broker. When comparing, you ought to weigh the strengths and weaknesses of all providers against one another. Choose the broker that most accurately fits your requirements and open a demo account. If everything runs smoothly within the demo mode and you’re satisfied with the conditions and customer service, read the experiences of consumers in our database with the respective broker and only then open a live account. If you follow all of those steps you ought to find a broker that’s an honest fit you and your needs as a trader.