ABC Forex Robot – Monthly + 95.24%. A 100% automatic system: you, absolutely, do not have to do anything!

ABC Forex Robot

The full review of ABC Forex Robot coming soon.

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Forex Intellect Robot: Turned $1,000 into $1,487,760.38 in 4 Years. The most popular Forex intelligence software

The Trading Code

Secret Of Earning 500+ Pips Every Month Has Revealed To Public!

All New 2012 Features for Everyday Profit:
1. 100% Hands Off Robot Auto Trading 24/7 for You
2. Works perfectly for 4 or 5 Digits and ECN Broker
3. Money Management, Profit Lock Strategy Included
4. Compitable With New & Old Builds of MetaTrader 4
5. Forex Intellect Robot Prevents Brokers from Stop Loss Hunting
6. No Freeze, No Hangs, No Bugs, 100% Secure & Error Free Software.

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PipJet Robot – Capture The Performance Of Ultimate Strategy & Currency Pair Synergy!

PipJet Robot

This page is about PipJet review. It will be available shortly.

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FX PhD ATS – 1,197.77% return just last year. A new standard in algorithmic trading!


FX PhD ATS – Hedge fund strategies programmed into an automated system that anyone can use. Utilizing strategies the top 5% are using to dominate the rest of the market.
What are the FX PhD ATS‘ Main Benefits?
Strong Risk-Adjusted Returns
● The power to change $5,000.00 into $90 Million in just a few short years.
● Low drawdown of 2.37% over 10 years

● Fully Automated
● As easy as clicking “start”

Highest Quality
● Top tier Hedge Fund trading strategies
● 5 years of Research by PhD level programmers and trading professionals.
● Fully scientific development process ensuring peak performance

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Forex 1000 Pips Guarantee – The First & Only Automated Fx Solution With 2yrs Of Consecutive Trading Proof!

Forex 1000 Pips Guarantee

At last a real PIPS making mashie has been invented!
This genus has been designed to automatically extract green pips from the Forex market. It made over 15,000 green pips in 2years of live trading.

– Advanced Trading Technology
– More than 1000 Green PIPs in three months
– Trades on all accounts – Standard, Micro, Mini Accounts
– Works on both 4 and 5 digits quotes
– ECN support
– 24/7 Support
– 100% Automated

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Forex Income Map – Profitable Trading System with Physical Version of Training Materials!

Forex Income Map

Forex Income Map is a physical Forex trading course which includes trading software, charting methods , training DVD’s , cheat sheets & access to VIP secret trading community.

Here is what you’ll get Inside Forex Income Map Coaching Program:[The Physical Course To Study From Home]
– Forex Income Map Trading Manual – Comprehensive full color bound training manual to take you step by step through what to expect and how to trade the method.
– Forex Income Map Training DVD’s – Grounding Material, Unique Method Of Trading, Live trade videos, In-depth Analysis Of The Unique Method Live Webinars With Q & A.
– Trader’s Club – Lifetime Access to members – only area, with lifetime access to updates, newest materials, scheduled webinars, more videos and a whole lot more!
– 24/7 Service and Support – ticketing, email and skype support, telephone support is also available on prior request.

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Pip Trader Pro – Real live – trading signals from a veteran forex trader so that you can bank huge profits 24/5 on auto-pilot! Pulled $12,534 in net profits just last week!

Pip Trader Pro

Pip Trader Pro – That’s PURE, REAL, DOCUMENTED PROFIT – with shockingly LOW RISK and…
– 224 Day History and Counting…
– Profit Factor: 10.10 (this is unheard of!)
– Total Return: 89.53%
– Winning Rate: 90%
– Risk/Reward Ratio: +1.43 (Lowest in the industry)
– Worst day %: -2.6%
– Worst week %: -2.3% (that means even my “bad days” are still better than 99.9% of the traders out there!)

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Instant FX Profits Robot – Automated Forex Trading Robot That Automates Trading Decisions And Generates 50 To 100 Pips A Day!

Instant FX Profits Robots

You don’t need to read your complex charts! The robot will trade on your behalf.

The Instant FX Profits Robot Features:
– You don’t have to take your own decisions anymore..!
– The robot will enter the trade and exit with profit!
– 80 + % Winning trades
– Works on Metatrader 4 platform
– No trading experience required at all
– Buy Sell trades Real Time on your trading charts
– Averages a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 100+ Pips per trade
– Works 24hrs at any time of the day/night
– Works with all major currency pairs
– Stop Loss is calculated Automatically
– Easy To Use, you won’t need any technical and Fundamental knowledge!

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Fish Forex Robot 4G – The LEGEND is back!

Fish Forex Robot 4G

Fish Forex Robot 4G is probably one of the best Forex products on the market available for traders now!

It is the Forex Robot that is ALREADY loved by THOUSANDS OF TRADERS, and that would be certainly loved by you after the very first trades.
5 main Features:
– 1-2 orders EACH day (except Friday)
– Orders are placed each day at the same time
– Predictable and accurate way of its performance
– Each trading day brings up to 10-30 pips of profit
– Safety of your deposit and protection from dishonest brokers

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Forex Accurate Profit Indicator Made Over 100% Profit per Month!

Accurate Profit

Do you know what you need to make really big money in Forex Trading?

You need to correctly Identify a Trend the open and close orders in a timely fashion. This is the only the best Indicator of FOREX.

Do you want to get a smart system that would do it for you? This newest software will allow you to do just that.

Why Accurate Profit Is the Best Trading Indicator
– It works all MT4 Platforms.
– No trading experience at all
– Works on either 4 or 5 Digits chart
– Works at any time of the Day/Night
– Sound, Popup alert, Arrows & Stop Loss that printed on your charts
– Very visual and easy to follow
– EXPLOSIVE profits and signals based on charts
– 100% Mechanical trading so no analysis is needed
– Easy to use and trade
– Works in FOREX, Stocks and Commodities!
– Works time frame 1-minute & 5-minute
– Does not repaints itself. Real time signals and result

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