Diamond XO – Smart People are Investing in Diamonds. Shouldn’t you?

Diamond XO

Diamond prices aren’t influenced by external market forces, and their worth doesn’t fluctuate as much as other assets.

Diamonds are a perfect reserve of wealth.
A precious stone can hold onto its original value over the long term better than more fluid assets such as curren- cies, stocks, or indices.

Additionally, diamonds have not seen the large spikes and drops in value which have affected other commodities. In general, diamond values have remained constant even during times of recession or political uncertainty.

Diamond prices are set by a price report based on type, instead of by an exchange or cartel.
This makes them a wise investment for those who need security, as opposed to stocks and oil.

Diamonds are becoming harder to find and this scarcity has led to 500% returns for pink diamonds in just 7 years.

Diamonds have several uses, both in manufacturing and as jewelry. However, new mines are uncommon.

Supply and demand is one reason why diamonds are so popular; and as countries in Asia begin to adopt the practice of giving engagement rings, even more buyers are entering the market.

When investing in diamonds, quality is also extremely important. While every investment is subject to potential fluctuations, the value of the best stones is experiencing remarkable growth.

This appreciation is expected to continue for the fore-seeable future, as existing diamond mines
are stripped clean.

Diamonds are compact, light and sellable. They can be stored and transported securely and due to high demand sold easily at any time.

Portability is another important reason why diamonds have historically been a go-to investment option. They are one of the most concentrated forms of wealth on a per gram basis.

Few other assets can be worth thousands of dollars while fitting in the palm of your hand.

With diamonds, recouping your equity is always simple and convenient, no matter where you are.
Several major trading centers have been established all over the world, including New York, Belgium, India, and Dubai

Additionally, secondary markets give investors the ability to actualize profits quickly.


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