Pips Cannon – The most powerful trading tool that was always kept hidden has finally been revealed.

Pips Cannon

More amazing benefits of “Pips Cannon“:

Works with any currency pair.
Uses colors to show market movement in advance.
Works on M15, M30, H1 and H4.
Generates up to 200 pips on daily basis.
Sends an automatic email alerts on your PC or mobile phone
when it’s the best time to trade.
Most accurate indicator ever made.
Uses the most pleasant and easy to follow trading algorithms.
No trading experience is required.
Generates pop up trading alerts with sound.
Includes the new informer with current trend, signal printed, current time and time left until next candle right on your trading chart.

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Forex JetScalper – Now you can get 50-150 PIPs daily just follow the signals of our newest development.

Forex JetScalper

Believe it or not – it is a tool that is able to exactly predict the price change before it actually happens!

Basic characteristics of the Forex JetScalper:

Any currency pairs: nevertheless, we recommend to use our system on main currency pairs.

Timeframe M5

JetTrailing support: a tool that will help you to save and to increase the amount of PIPs. At opening the order TP and SL levels will be set automatically and, when the price reaches certain level, trailing will start.

Easy to use: any beginner, as well as an advanced user is able to use scalper. Installation of the product takes no more than 5 minutes.

MT4 platform (4/5 digits brokers): scalper automatically identifies 4 and 5 digits broker. You don’t have to do any calculations.

Small starting capital: $50 will be enough to use the scalper.

Minimum risks.

Notifications: there are several types of notifications: alerts and emails.

Shows the amount of the spread, as well as the current movement of trend on the chart.

Buy or Sell is not a question for you any more.

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Forex Profit Robots – Stability index of no less than 70%.

Forex Profit Robots

Here’s what you will receive:

• Average profit not less than 15% annually
• Draw Down not exceeding 25%
• The MQL (Source Code) file of the EA
• Recommended settings file
• Performance report
• List of trades

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FXSmooth Indicator – Generates up to +300 pips per day!

FXSmooth Indicator

Why you must have the FXSmooth indicator:

Generates world class trading signals!
Optimized to create maximum profits on each currency pair!
Automatically calculate stop loss!
Use tight stop loss so your at minimal risk!
Automatic and precise exit signals!
Hard cold profit PROOF!
Profits on ANY currency and ANY time frame!

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Forex Profit Solution – FPS turned $10,000 to $104,914 in 6 years!

Forex Profit Solution

FPS is a MT4 forex trading system that is designed to generate consistent profits while mitigating the risk of equity exposure.
FPS is fully automated and robust.
Trading strategies work in conjunction with each other; each one of them is proven profitable on its own.
FPS is a powerful and complete profit solution in the Forex investment industry.

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Forex Smartpips Robot – Up to 1000 pips monthly expected on AUTO mode!

Forex Smartpips Robot

Forex Smartpips – this is not just a robot, this is yours Personal Expert Advisor!

Basic characteristics of Smartpips Robot:

EURUSD, GBPUSD: robot trades on the 2 most popular currency pairs.
100% AUTO: install & earn style. Just install the robot and monitor the results.
Sensitive Trailing SL: has a step of 0.1 pips and allows you to squeeze the maximum profit from each deal.
Stealth Trailing Mode: invisible trailing. Advisor stores current values of SL/TP in RAM, so the broker can not know them.
Spread Control: if a broker increases spread, the robot won’t open deliberately unprofitable order.
Smart SL/TP Trailing Mode: trailing by minimal/maximal of the previous bar.
Platform MT4: (4/5 digits brokers) robot automatically determines 4 or 5 digit broker. You do not need to do any calculations, just set the necessary parameters in pips and do not think about it.
Small start-up capital: $100 will be enough to use the robot.

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Forex MomentumTrend Indicator – Total profit for 4 trades $5,470!

Forex MomentumTrend Indicator

Step #1
Determine the momentum in the market. Super easy with the MomentumTrend Indicator. (Having a strong momentum trend on your side sure helps.)
Step #2
Look for a low risk entry point. (A few different methods are looked at in the manual and videos)
Step #3
Ride the momentum out for as long as it carries you, or, set a price target and lock in your profits as soon as it is hit. (Trade in a manner that is most suited to your personality and style.)

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Genuine Fx Profits – Sniper-accurate trades with an 89.1% accuracy rate!

Genuine Fx Profits

INTRODUCING Genuine Fx Profits :

No trading experience is required to use it – and profit from it!
It allows you to make money working part-time or even just a few hours – or minutes – a day!
Includes money management so it’s truly a low-risk, high reward system!
It’s sophisticated enough to impress experienced traders, yet is so simple to use that even complete newbies will be able to begin using it immediately!
It’s been proven to work again and again!
It’s a highly profitable system that could allow you to earn thousands of dollars a day!

Genuine Fx Profits can be used with any currency pair and any time frame!
You can expect 2-4 winning trades per day!

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Pips Guardian – Make up 2000PIPS a month!

Pips Guardian

Pips Guardian system is the best solution for you.

No matter whether you have up 10 years experience in forex or you are a newbie, Pips Guardian is easy to follow and it’s all what you need to make huge pips.

Remember that Pips Guardian works for all timeframes no matter whether you are scalper,day trader or swing trader.

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