Trade 1 Day A Week – You’ll discover 3 simple, proven trading systems that produced 57 wins and 12 losses… or 83% winners and they only take ONE SPECIFIC DAY A WEEK to trade!

Trade 1 Day A Week

One of these systems has a 70% winning rate over the last 10 years. Another has averaged a 73% win rate over the last 6 years… with as many as 14 wins in a row!

And the 3rd has an impressive 28 wins and only 5 losses… or 85% winning rate in 2013!

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Forex Cow Bot4 REVOLUTIONARY TECHNOLOGIES of auto trading:
Ultra Stealth Guard Profit system + Price Smart Corridor Analyzing Algorithm + Weekend gap ONE-CLICK control + Less-risky H4 trading.

Forex Cow Bot

Forex Cow Bot latest profit record of $9,572.60!

Main Cow Bot’s properties:

Top pairs EURUSD and USDJPY
MT4 of all builds and brokers
Most trendy, less risky H4 timeframe
Price Smart Corridor Analyzing Algorithm
Stealth Guard Profit with AutoTrailing
Profit Record is up to 958 Pips
Net gain $9,572.60 with 1.0 Lot Size
Weekend gap ONE-CLICK control
Highest accuracy is up to 94%
Auto Money Management option
Hedging On/Off feature included

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Triple Profit Winner – Unique buy/sell indicator that makes 200pips/day.

Triple Profit Winner

The New Triple Profit Winner:

All-in-one super profitable trading software package
Uses three indicators systems all working in harmony
Super user-friendly and extremely easy to use
Simple installation (under 1 minute)
Makes the most accurate market predictions
Prints buy/sell signals right on your charts
Works with any time frame and currency pair
Requires no technical trading knowledge
Uses a very accurate triple confirmed signals system
Has built-in sound and email alerts
Makes trading easy and profitable

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Bitcoin Miracle – Turn $15 into $10,000 with ZERO work!

Bitcoin Miracle

The Bitcoin Miracle will explain everything step by step, without any techno babble.

It will also show you how to obtain 100% free bitcoin, or even purchase some via PayPal with no fees.

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Premium FX Scalper – New favorite scalping tool – Best of 2014!

Premium FX Scalpert

Premium FX Scalper is based on such a smart trading technology that it basically acts like a pro trader who is sitting next to you telling you when to enter or when to exit a trade.

The Full Premium FX Scalper :

Works with any MT4 platform of your choice.
Generates profit instantly.
Extremely easy to use.
No trading experience is required.
Generates 100 pips or more on a daily basis.
Gives early super profitable signals.
Has built-in sound and email signal alerts.

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Mason Forex EA – The Best Expert Advisor!

Mason Forex EA

Mason EA has very complex money management to protect your profit in case market conditions against you.
Several advanced functions are also created to make sure your trades are sent to your brokers in secure method.

Trading in international currencies requires a huge amount of knowledge, research and monitoring.
But Mason Forex EA have done the hard work so you don’t have to!

What we have, saying Mason Forex EA:

100% automated currency trading system!
Profit protection technique!
Secure filling order!
Complex and dynamic money management!
Safe swing detected algorithm!
Always hard Stop Loss and Take Profit!
Beating all type of market conditions!
Beating more than 10 currency pairs!

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FX Autotrader Elite – The No.1 way to take your trading to the next level!
Start making consistent profits in a fraction of the time you are currently spending on trading.

FX Autotrader Elite

With FX Autotrader Elite you can use multiple strategies with multiple indicators on multiple currency pairs.
You can even trade e-minis and SPI Futures or Gold and Silver using this FX Autotrader Elite.
Lots of options! No restriction to just one strategy or one currency.

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Xmaster Formula – Trades any currency – high accuracy and amazing results!

Xmaster Formula

Xmaster Formula: a forex indicator that works with 93% accuracy!

93% WINNING Trades!

You have a RARE opportunity to trade forex with a REAL Forex indicator that can produce REAL profits!

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BestScalper Forex Robot – The most advanced and intelligent self-updating forex robot, automatically adapts to current market condition.

BestScalper Forex Robot

The Best Scalper Forex Robot scores GAINS of over 500%!

Best Scalper Forex Robot is able to find consistently profitable band and spreads that showed only the slightest movement each trading session.

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VBFX Forex System – You can master Forex in one day!

VBFX Forex System

VBFX Forex System Components:

1.The complete VBFX Forex System custom indicators to include the Renko/Range bar charts, Value Bands Indicator, and Cycle Shift Indicator. Typically, your VBFX product access is activated within one hour of purchase through our VBFX members page indicator downloads section.
2.Your direct download access to the following MT4 platform indicator files after your VBFX system purchase is complete —> RenkoRangeBar.ex4 file, ValueBands.ex4 file, CycleShift.ex4 file, and the VBFX.tpl chart template file.
3.The VBFX Forex System tools set up to work in both MT4 Build 500 series or the recent update Build 600+ series for MT4. That’s right… our system works in the new Build 600+ series!
4.VBFX MT4 platform chart template pre-set for quick set up and trading… no tedious chart set up work.
5.Our special VBFX video training modules developed so you learn the entire system rules in only one day. All video training is typical .mp4 files set in standard full screen capable media players.
6.The VBFX trade entry rules documentation and reference chart examples… this training material is set up in clear written tables within our website VBFX members page.
7.The advanced VBFX money management plan… a step by step written plan that will teach you the best method for stop and profit target placement. All within the VBFX members page training tables.

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