4X ATM Forex Robot – $1,000 to $9,974,354.10 in 1 year and 7 months with a MAX account risk of 9.42%!


Imagine if you could dip into a bag with an infinite supply of cash. Whenever you needed money to buy anything or pay a bill you simply reach your hand into the bag and pull out as much money as you need.

Using 4X ATM you can build up a nice income. And as your account grows the advanced money management will boost your returns further.

4X ATM trades on non-EURO pairs using an accurate strategy that does not scalp and trades with a safe risk to reward.

It is a 100% automated Forex robot.

And an exciting piece of information about 4X ATM is that the back tests tend to match the live trading results.

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IBT AUTO Metatrader 4 Expert Advisor is a multi currency trend trading strategy trading EURUSD, AUDUSD and JPY crosses. Monthly +48.87%!


IBT Auto EA is a fully automated EA executing cloned trades into your metatrader 4 trading terminal . The trading system is fully managed and optimized, all you need to do is set your fixed lot size. The System is a swing – trend trading system trading measured moves – a complex trend defining strategy used by professional forex and futures traders. Key points of the system are : Entries on retracements, defined stop losses, defined targets, and professional trade management.

You can find out more about IBT Auto EA by visiting website.

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Forex Turbo Scalper : 208 pips in 3 trades. The BEST creation with a Forex Turbo 2012 algorithm!

Forex Turbo Scalper

Forex TURBO Scalper: TURBO powered MANUAL system for scalping
– ANY pair
– M5 and M15 timeframes
– Visual and sound alerts, EMAILS
– NO repainting, signals history
– UP to 50 signals DAILY
– UP to +150 pips of profit or MORE on major pairs
– Patented SAFE and ACCURATE algorithm TURBO 2012

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PowerbarsFX is a multi-currency and multi-timeframe indicator. You can make an average 2090 pips per month!


PowerBarsFX Indicators work on every MT4 platform and can be applied to any major currency pair and to any timeframe. It can be used on maximum 3 PCs.

PowerbarsFX indicators are aimed at giving a graphical representation of how single currencies are “moving” in all timeframes, from the faster ones to the slower ones.

What You Get:
* The “PowerBarsFX Currency“ indicator
* The “PowerBarsFX MTF Currency” indicator
* The “PowerbarsFX Spread” indicator
* A set of 9 templates to apply them
* Three online manuals with instructions

You can find out more about PowerBarsFX by visiting website.

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PhiBase Synergy EA is an Expert Advisor for the MetaTrader 4 Platform. PhiBase completely releases traders from the routine market watching and the execution of trade operations. This software fully automates trading and is most suitable for professional or part-time traders.

Phibase Synergy - V3.2

The trading strategy of this software is based on the chart pattern, channels and Fibonacci levels. This program analysis the Price Action on H1, H4 and and D1 timeframes. Recommended Currency Pair is EURUSD. It can also trade on USDCHF but this currency pair is optional.

PhiBase Synergy has the following features:
• Recommended Currency Pair is EURUSD
• USDCHF currency pair is optional
• Profit Factor is 1.40
• Profit Trade: 55.79%
• Loss Trade: 44.21%
• Maximal drawdown: 12.38%
• Relative drawdown: 17.07%
• Trading Strategy Based on chart patterns, channels and Fibonacci levels
• Price Action analyzed on H1, H4 and D1 tieframes
• Multiple time frame analysis
• Average Profit:Loss ratio 1.2:1
• Lifetime license – 2 Real Live and 2 Demo accounts
• Lifetime support and free updates for one year

You can find out more about Phibase Synergy – V3.2 by visiting website.

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MiRobot Forex System: An automated forex system. Trading for you while you work, play or sleep. It turned $1,900 into $3,062 just in 2 months!


MiRobot can give you returns on your investment exceeding returns on money market and equity market investments by far under certain market conditions. Let MiRobot work for you.

MiRobot is a trend robot trading the GBP/USD currency pair.

With STRATEGY TESTING the best performance over a 2 year period was $10,000 to $1.6 million.

You can find out more about MiRobot by visiting website.

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5 Pips A Day Forex Robot has made $90537267.63 in NET Profit during the Last 10 Years. You need this forex trading software to make an average of 5 pips every day, guaranteed!

5 Pips A Day

5 Pips a Day is All You Need to Make a Ton of Money Trading Forex! This Forex Robot Will Make You Those 5 Pips!
You cannot make 5 pips every day without this robot, if you could you would not be here! Do not miss out!

5 Pips a Day Robot :
* Daly Profit – average of 5 pips per day
* Accurate – 2 trade per day, 1 loss in 10 years
* Any Market Condition: does not effect robot
* Any Broker – No effected by slippage/spreads
* Non-Martingale – Uses a stop loss

Summary of Results:
* No Minimum – Works on any account size
* Daily Profit – Average 20%+ gain every day
* Fantastic Gains – +90,537.27% gain in 10 years
* Huge Profits – $90,537,267 profit in 10 years
* 99,9 Winning Trades – Average $21,122.01

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Forex Profit Blackbook System: For people who have a serious interest in earning good money!

Forex Profit Blackbook

Discover a simple, logical and HIGLY profitable system – from a beach-bum – that turned Forex trading into a smooth road to 6-figures.

If you follow this same system and get the insider’s secrets then you are guaranteed to make a nice return on your investment…
* Without spending hours glued to your computer analyzing charts!
* Without learning all the useless technical chatter that gets you no where!
* Without having a big up-front investment!
* With low-risk options that can bring you BIG returns!
* And WITHOUT ever having to pray for luck or master your “gut-instincts” because the system eliminates all your guesswork!

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Furious Scalper: NEW Buy/Sell Scalping Indicator that works on FLAT MARKET!

Furious Scalper Software

This unique trading tool is designed to work perfect at the worst market conditions (ranging market/flat), which is a very difficult time for most traders. However, with “Furious Scalper” you can make high consistent gains on a daily basis spending just a few minutes in ANY market conditions.

You can find out more about Furious Scalper Software by visiting website.

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TraderSurfing V9 is an forex expert for the platform Metatrader 4, with one year of statistics available on its website!

TraderSurfing V9

TraderSurfing V9 operates mainly with GBPUSD and EURUSD pairs.

It has 2 versions, the standard version and version scalper.

Through monthly subscription, you receive purchase and sales orders, directly to your MetaTrader4.

Your master account is always monitored by an expert trader.

Has so far resisted the onslaught of the market, when many other systems have fallen.

Its strategy has been adapted to the needs of markets.

You can find out more about TraderSurfing V9 by visiting website.

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