Universal Forex Trader – An Automated Expert Advisor That Works for You All Day, Every day!

Universal Forex Trader

Here are the key Benefits of using the Universal Forex Trader:
– It provides accurate, emotionless trading, unlike actual people who lose their nerves and sometimes sell out of their profitable position way to early or hang onto a certain losing position hoping it may just turn around – the Universal Forex Trader just uses pure STRATEGY
– It gives an increased trading window by allowing your account to be traded throughout the day and night, increasing the total number of possible trading opportunities that you may have missed out on otherwise AND you do not have to physically be there for it to do its job
– It will never miss any of the big moves that you would have had you been (GASP!) sleeping or (DOUBLE GASP!) out of the house, like at work or the grocery store
The Universal Forex Trader is extremely user-friendly! It is easy to install the program, access it whenever you want and use it. There is no agony of trying to operate it! Just open it up and see what is going on
– You never need to supervise it! The Universal Forex Trader works without any human interference.

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Pip Magnet Elite – 17 years of trading and testing have gone into this complete system which can adapt to almost any trading style, market condition or time frame!

Forex Magic Formula

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Wildcat Forex – A fully automated forex trading software that trades in all market environments with precision results on all MT4 platforms with any broker!

Wildcat Forex

Targeted and Calculated Entries and Exits on EVERY TRADE.

Wildcat Forex looks for many indications supporting a pair’s probably direction. Only when multiple analyses and indicators point to a particular move, and only then, will Wildcat Forex move to open a position.

As important as the entries, if not more important than the entries, are the exits. We take a two-fold approach considering exits… 1) when to get out if market conditions turn against a trade and 2) when is the best time to exit and take our profits.
– 100% automated, hands free, requires absolutely no human intervention
Wildcat Forex makes all of the trading decisions automatically
– Adapts to 4 and 5 digit brokers…in other words, any MT4
Wildcat Forex is broker independent, which means you can use any MT4 broker of your choice
– Trades are compatible with United States NFA regulated brokers and non-NFA regulated brokers
– Trading opportunities are identified by tested, proven, and professional strategies
– Customer support when the forex market are open

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GermanPips – Great forex expert for EURUSD pair!


Germanpips is an intraday forex expert, that trades with the pair EURUSD.
– Designed for Metatrader4 platform.
– Use stop loss and take profit on most of its operations.
– Does not use martingale.
– It has an advanced risk management, using the smallest possible floating. Therefore, it has achieved so far, an absolute gain of over 12% with a drawdown of less of 6%.
– Its main objective is to maintain the drawdown value between 5-10% max.

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Forex Magic Formula – High quality trading system (manual+trade alert)!

Forex Magic Formula

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Alerts4profit – Discover how torn £1,000 into £91, 386!


Alerts4profit is a daily Forex alert service. Each evening at 8:30pm (UK time) you will receive a text message with clear simple instructions on how to trade GB/USD and EUR/USD.

With a proven 78% accurate trading formula, it is based on sound fundamentals, witch have been used by professional traders over many years.

With Alerts4profit you do not need to read charts, analyse patterns or study oscillators and technical indicators. All you need is to enter the text’s details into the appropriate box.

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Bulls FX Robot – Get a true and proven working Expert Adviser Robot that works in any market condition!


A 100% automated trading robot delivered right to your email which works on the MetaTrader 4 Platform!

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Ultimate Forex Club 2.0 – A new Forex trading course from Greg Stefaniak!

Ultimate Forex Club 2.0

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Euro Forex Strategies – Ultimate fail-proof system for EUR-USD domination!

Euro Forex Strategiess

Discover the secrets on how to profit by just trading the EUR-USD pair each time!

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The Binary Option Success – The best guide and strategy to binary options!

The Binary Option Success

This Cutting Edge 2012 Step-by-step Guide And Strategy To Binary Options.

This system is so easy and fun that now even a beginner can use it…
– It will give you every day multiple trading signals
– It is proven method to give remarkable 70% accuracy
– It teaches you how to utilize the 24-hour options market
– You will be able to trade stocks, Forex, currencies and indexes
– It will make drawing profit easy
– You will see yourself making per trade around 75%
– You do not need to pay huge fees to your broker for the advices

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