EuroRise is professional software for automatic Forex trading for the MetaTrader platform. EuroRise trades on the M15 charts of the USDCHF and EURGBP currency pairs.

Eurorise EA Forex Robot

EuroRise works fine with only 25 – 35 pips stoploss, standard money management with 1% – 5% risk per trade and its average trade holding time is about 2 and half hours. It uses simple, clean trading methods without any martingale, stoploss widening or any other unprofessional and dangerous practices.

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Forex Illuminati – The worlds most lucrative “Underground” Forex software!

Forex Illuminati

TOP SECRET Forex Trading Group FINALLY Reveals Their Pushbutton Software… 6 Years Without a Losing Month EVER… Even In The WORST Market Conditions!

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Shuriken EA – The Ultimate Price Action EA… built to last!

Shuriken EA

Shuriken EA is a Strategy Generator, Optimizer, Trading Robot and Trade Monitor in one. It offers a completely new and efficient way to develop profitable super-strategies and monitor the trading results live. Shuriken scans for the most profitable candlestick patterns using sophisticated algorithms to identify trend and price action triggers.

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Forex Arbitrage – The only software that allows you to legally ‘pick pocket’ pips from brokers for super low risk 5 to 95 pip gains!

Forex Arbitrage

Free Download: ForexArb(lite) – Advanced trading software identifies arbitrage opportunities in the Forex market the exact moment they occur.

You’ve Never Seen Anything Like ForexArb Because It Absolutely Changes the Forex Trading Game.

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FX Head Fake Master System by Tom Strignano!

FX Head Fake Master System

Thomas Strignano, an ex chief forex trader for the largest international banks, with over 25 years of trading experience, is finally revealing one of his most prized proprietary methods the Head-Fake Filter System . Tom Strignano developed this trading system while working for the banks and has been using it daily for his own tradings. Its advantages are that it is extremely low risk with high rewards. Tom has been using it to make 300 pips an hour. It is mainly intended for serious traders who want to be profitable with their Forex trading and use this unique system to take their trading to the next level.

The powerful Head-Fake Filter was designed based on complex mathematical models and was simplified to be easy to understand and implement. It must be noted that this system is unique, properietary to Tom Strignano and is not taught by any other trading firms. Forex traders who are cautious about their investment and want to trade with minimal risk, would find this method extremely profitable.
The Head fake Filter will help us implement this strategy. By giving us a way to analysis the current market top or bottom, we can determine whether to Buy the Dip or Sell the Rally, and participate in the next subsequent move in its infancy and not when it matured.

The system includes the following components :
– An e-book explaining the total set-up of the trade.
– A video on how and why you should keep an average.
– 9 videos covering every aspect of the head fake trade.
– Calculated low-risk stops for major gains.

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Spider EA is very profitable at USD/CAD currency pair, generating decent profits.

Spider EA

Spider EA is a real safe, but profitable grid forex robot. It has various excellent features that make this EA safe, but profitable at the same time.

Regular forex EA’s with grid method work well in a short or middle term, but after the market starts a big trend, they fail, causing margin call. That’s what makes this EA unique!

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Forex Power Zones – The Confluence Areas In Forex Is Very Powerful!!

One Click Forex Profits

Forex Power Zones Offer A Wonderful Indicator: Powerzones. You can use Power Zones Indicator & Divergence with Awesome Oscillator. AO in MT4. This indicator has embedded default parameter.

This combination is very powerful when Divergence match with either Extreme Areas or Power Zones blocks.

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Shuriken Gold – Super-Strategy EA with 4 Years of profitability…!

Shuriken Gold

Shuriken Gold is a fully automated ‘set and forget’ Expert Advisor package for MetaTrader 4. Unlike Shuriken EA which is an advanced strategy generator, this hands-free version requires nothing but placing on the chart, no optimization is required. Both versions can trade side by side on different charts.

With Shuriken Gold you get a collection of four EA’s trading EURUSD, USDJPY, AUDUSD and GBPUSD. Powered by price action patterns and trend analysis, the EA trades 10 multi-timeframe strategies per currency pair.
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Neotradex EA – The most accessible neural network trading software on the market!


I’m very excited to let you know new Forex trading software:

Neotradex software offers an opportunity to use neural networks robots in Metatrader software.

The main features of the software include:
– Can be used without any knowledge of neural networks and digital filters. Experience with Metatrader software and FOREX trading is presupposed, though.
– Installed as an executable (expert) for MT4 platform. The installation is fully automatic. Executables responsible for neural network learning and trading are independent.
– Prior to using the trading expert neural networks should be prepared by executing the learning procedure in the Strategy Tester of Metatrader software.
– Prepared networks can be used for automatic trading as well as for manual trading (in the form of a graphical prediction indicator)
– User can optimize the trading parameters, but predefined parameters set is also supplied.
– The software can be also run on home computers and laptops, dedicated servers usage are not obligatory, but it can substantially increase the swiftness of network preparation procedure.

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