Smart Forex Signals – Live trading signals 24h a day!

Smart Forex Signals

The Smart Forex Signals trading team is sending live trading Signals 24h a day. For Intraday and Swing traders. We provide members frequently with tips and tricks to maximize profits. 1000 plus pips month after month make our members very happy.

What exactly do you get for signing up with us!
• Swing trading signals for 6 Forex pairs plus Gold, Crude
oil and Dow Jones.
• Signals sent directly to your email and/or iphone.
• The signals include entry, stop levels, trailing stops and
target points.
• Always enough time to execute the trade after you received
a signal
• Market followed 24 a day therefore, the Asian, European
and US sessions.
• Free newsletters and updates

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Raid Forex Trading System – Make Up To 22% Profit Per Month!

Raid Forex Trading System

Attention: This Is An Exclusive Limited Time Opportunity For Serious Traders And Investors Only.

Introducing The RAID Forex Trading System
* Make up to 22% on your money EVERY MONTH*
* Check your trades once per day for 5 minutes
* Spend more time doing the things you enjoy
* Trade without stress or confusion
* Enjoy a powerful alternative investment vehicle
* Be in complete control of your own finances
* Draw funds whenever you like
* Learn the system for yourself – be in control
* Simple and easy to learn in under 30 minutes
* No experience needed
* Suitable for experienced traders or novices

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Now you can enjoy ZuluTrade’s unique features by opening your ZuluTrade account with Interactive Brokers! IB offers instant access to financial instruments around the world.

Here is a couple of reasons to open a ZuluTrade account with Interactive Brokers:
Tight Interbank Spreads, as low as 0.5pip
13 Currencies to trade
Direct Access to Interbank Quotes. No hidden price spreading, no markup, no kickbacks
Safe and Secure. Interactive Brokers Group holds over USD $4 billion in equity capital
Top rated, award winning broker

Sounds good, but…
Zulutrade commission for followers trading with Interactive Brokers is 2 pips!
That is twice as much as the commission you will pay if you open a Zulutrade account with FXCM or 4XP.

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Forex Signals

If you are fed-up with robots, and unprofitable trading… “Forex Signals of Eurasian Investment company” is exactly what you need!!!

Eurasian Investment company:
— High quality services
— Absolute reliability
— Individual services
— Become our partner today

— Confidentiality
— Transparency
— Monthly reports
— High technologies

EIcompany trading system:
— Profit 120 – 300 % annual
— 10-20 % a month
— Average DD no more than 12 %
— Author’s manual trading

All you need:
— Subscribe for trading signals
— Receive TradeCopier for Free
— Setup (very simply)
— Control your incomes

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Forex Windfall – Automatic, intelligent and low risk wealth creation!

Forex Windfall

Forex WindFall is an automtic trading ‘robot’ which produces stable and reliable profits. It works on the MT4 platform and is designed to be low risk so that it can use compounding, if required, to accelerate the growth of an account.

Forex WindFall features
– Stop loss and take profit level are both set at the start of the trade
but the system will continually look for early trade exit depending
on conditions
– Trades both the EURUSD and GBPUSD currency pairs using the
30 minute charts. Forex WindFall looks for trades 24 hours a day
and will sit patiently recalculating, checking and testing every time
a new price is received.
– When trading with fixed lot sizes, Forex WindFall checks that you
have sufficient free margin to place the trade. If not, it will reduce
the trade size accordingly. This ensures that you cannot receive a
margin call from your broker and lose money on an otherwise
winning trade.
– Compounding and risk percentages are accurately calculated based
on your account size and free margin. If you set the risk percentage
too high, Forex WindFall will reduce the trade size so as to avoid
any possible margin call.
– Fast loading of program from our website. Click on the loader, select
your broker’s MT4 folder and press ok. Program upgrades are just
as simple to load.
– How frequently does it trade? Forex WindFall trades about once
per day on average. Sometimes it is more lively sometimes less.

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CAD-Trader – Be Successful, It’s Easier Than You Think!


CAD Trader is an expert advisor that works on MetaTrader 4 Platform. The strategy is based on the up-and-down turns in the currency pair USD-CAD. The EA opens selltrades, when the currency pair moves up and it opens buytrades, when the currency pair moves down.

CAD Trader will trade for you and will make constant profit for you. The spread at USD-CAD is not important for this strategy so this EA works with almost every broker.

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Algo Trading Machine – A stock picker system based on algorithmic trading!

Algo Trading Machine

Algo Trading Machine features:
– Analyzes the top 1000 actively traded stocks on the NASDAQ, NYSE, and AMEX
– Provides the most profitable yet safe picks daily
– The signals are delivered via email
– Comes with a 60-day money back guarantee

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