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Forex Signal Service

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Forex Bully – A Simple And Easy-To-Use Forex Trading Software!

The Forex Bully Software is a simple and easy-to-use Forex Trading Software. With Forex Bully Software, you can easily trade Forex hand-free, no hassle, no special knowledge needed.

Elite Forex 101 – Professional Forex Signals!

The Offering
We offer to you the very exclusive opportunity to automatically replicate the trades of an elite Forex trader to your own trading account.

* No learning curve – start profiting from Forex today.
* No robots – all trading decisions are being made by a live professional trader
* Zero time and zero effort – the trade execution has been fully automated.
* Full control – all funds stay in your own account.
* Low entry barrier – start with as little as 300 USD (when trading micro lots).

Forex Tool Shed – Expert Advisors, Indicators and Scripts for managing, monitoring, and analyzing Forex trades!

The Forex Tool Shed offers tools for the MetaTrader 4 platform. These tools consist of Expert Advisors (EAs), Indicators and Scripts, which will manage and monitor your trades, allowing you to spend less time in front of your charts. To view descriptions of these tools or to place an order, click on the links under MT4 Tools on the left .

Trade Manager
The Trade Manager (TM) is an MT4 Expert Advisor designed to manage your Forex trades for you. TM does not initiate trades, but once you have an open order, TM will detect and manage it automatically. TM can set your initial Stop Loss and move the stop from 1 to 5 times to specified targets as your trade moves along in profit.

EA Monitor Expert Advisor
The EA Monitor expert advisor was designed for monitoring the status of trades generated by expert advisors–status information such as number of wins, losses and pips for the day, week and month, historical drawdown stats, progress and info pertaining to current trades. But it can be used to monitor any types of trades, not just auto-trades, including trades with and/or without Magic Numbers.

MT4 Scripts & Indicators
The scripts and indicators described below make your trading life a little bit easier. When you need to do something quickly, just drop a script on your chart. In some cases a script will allow you do something you couldn’t otherwise do, like putting a magic number on an order.

Forex Cash Siphon – Siphon Decent Cash From The Forex market Consistently!

Forex Cash Siphon – A Step-by-Step Mechanical Forex System That Makes Small Profits Consistently Almost Everyday (Tutorial Video Included)

Inside you’ll find the followings:
* A cool step-by-step mechanical forex system that works on 5 mins timeframe and makes small but consistent profits for you everyday … it’s so easy to follow that you will be amazed!
* Contents of a Surefire Trading Plan that you should master if you want to become a successful forex trader!
* The biggest trading mistakes that you should avoid… The winning trading psychology that a forex trader should have…
* … and much more!

Forex Megabot – A unique fully Automated Expert Advisor Robot!

Forex Megabot is a unique fully Automated Expert Advisor Robot designed specifically for both new and experienced Forex investors to trade safely on the USD/CAD pair, with the end result providing an extremely high rate of success.

You will find that there is no other robot available for purchase on the internet which offers investors an excellent success rate and works to keep a low static Stop Loss at the same time!

The Forex Megabot EA features:
* Full automated Forex trading System
* Back-tested on a 99% modeling quality
* For the first time on the Internet
* A true investment strategy
* Over 9 months of real money trading proof, mufxbox verified
* FPA verified
* 11 years back-test on 90% modeling quality
* Comprehensive back-test proof
* Market adapt technology
* 100% m0ney back guarantee
* 100% fee upgrades
* Self installing
* No trading experiences required
* No learning curve

Try the Forex Megabot today and join our growing list of happy clients. Get our software, back-test and forward-test it on a live or demo account until you’re satisfied with the software and understand how it operates.

Forex Predictor – 2 in 1 Forex Trading Systems!

Forex Predictor Software can calculate possible prices of the current day based on 2 prediction methods. A Must have tool for every day trading. This is a 2 in 1 Forex Trading Systems Method one and Method two are different trading systems for maximum profits, after getting the predictions for the day you can choose which one to use, based on your technical analysis and common sense and also you can compare them to see if there is any similarities for confirmation.

Both method are based on complex mathematical formulas that uses actual data from the last days to predict a range of price change and give you entry, and exit point for your trades. This formulas are the ones used by many professional traders.

This is not a holy grail but it will help you be in the right path, and more importantly will help you maximize your profits and avoid losses.

2 in 1 Forex Trading Systems, Forecast price movement to maximize profits and avoid losses. This software is capable of predicting a range of price movement based on complex mathematical formulas used by professional traders.

The Forex Luger is the best Forex Robot for 2010!

The Forex Luger can make you very wealthy in a few months. Generate big profits on autopilot. The results speak for themselves.

A top secret scalping method is now automated and the results are excellent! An elite group of Forex Traders have profited for years trading this secret method. Now you can profit from it without having to lift a finger!

Introducing …. The Forex Luger
* How does it work? The Forex Luger scalps pips by taking reversal trades on the lower timeframes during the quieter market times. Simple!

* Does it work? Yes. The method the Forex Luger is based on has been used for years by an elite group of traders. The Forex Luger does not claim to be ground breaking and does not use artificial intelligence. It is simply an automated version of a once secret scalping method. The only automated version of it! In addition, the method can be very difficult to trade manually and can take years to master. Well thankfully the Forex Luger has all the skills required so you don’t have to.
* Why is it called the Forex Luger? The term Luger is used to represent the accuracy of the Robot.
* What do I need? All you need is the MetaTrader Trading Platform and a small investment. There is no minimum investment required to use the Forex Luger. See the results below using an account with an initial deposit of $1,000.
* Is my purchase secure? Yes. We use ClickBank as our payment processor.
* Why are you selling the Forex Luger? With a $3.98 trillion daily global turnover, the Forex market provides enough opportunity for everyone to profit.
* 60 day money back guarantee.